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See How Laser Technology Can Benefit Your Embroidery Shop

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BITO has a product line that offers different types of laser technology that can be integrated with your embroidery machines to produce appliqués up to four times faster than by using traditional embroidery heads alone. Applique only scratches the surface when it comes to the capabilities of LASERBRIDGE.

BITO is the exclusive American distributor of Proel laser system technology, which includes an array of laser-cutting equipment and software for a wide range of applications. For the embroidery industry, it offers inline lasers that are mounted onto singlehead or multihead embroidery machines that do integrated cutting and sewing for appliqué and emblems. Laser etching on textiles also is possible.

It offers Millennium III embroidery digitizing software, one of the most advanced digitizing programs available. It also can be used when combining laser cutting and embroidery.

Its line of galvanometric and plotter laser machines can cut or engrave on textiles, wood, paper, anodized aluminum, non-toxic polymers, Plexiglass, and leather. Applications include trophies and awards, product identification, promotional products, apparel decoration, and more.

Highly advanced laser-cutting software programs allow for automating the cutting and engraving process on a wide range of materials. Used in combination with cameras, objects are identified and can be individually contour cut without operator intervention.


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